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Pro-Master presents a new innovative solution

Many people struggle with the bird’s nest of cables under their desk or behind their TV. Finally, a smart and simple product can help solve this issue for ever.

Home Entertainment Center, TV, Speakers, PC, External Disk, Phone, Printer, Monitor 1, Monitor 2, Monitor 3… And the result is? A collection of one- or multi-colored cords that can drive a person crazy, being it at home or in the office. In other words, cable clutter.

Admitting it or not, unsightly tangled wires are an organizational issue. The problem can however be easily solved just by choosing the right products that are meant to keep cords tamed. One of those, a very simple and stylish one, is a so called cable management sleeve. It merges multiple cables in line, keeps them out of sight and, moreover, protects wires from being damaged by pets that like to chew, for example.

There are many cable management sleeve solutions out there, but it is wise to pay attention to the quality of the material they are made of. Only high quality neoprene sleeves guarantee great flexibility and durability. Moreover, if the sleeve is reversible black & white, it can be used and reused in the variation that matches a home or office decor the best.

Since the cable management sleeve comes with a velcro strap, it is very easy to wrap up to 10 cables, exit them where needed, and also to adjust its length to fit any requirements. In fact, the sleeve can be simply cut with ordinary scissors or two sleeves can be attached together in case extra space is needed to fit even more cords.

What else there is to add? This is an innovative cable management solution.

Cable clutter under control in three simple steps

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